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NCS Artist’s

No Copyright Sounds Artist Gallery

Games To End All Games Inc, The Ichoronium Cast’s parent company is honoured to broadcast NCS music. We shall cast this music with pride and use it as motivation to achieve our goals as a network.

Here you can find a gallery on each artist we broadcast and a link to the lyrics.

  • Warriyo – Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) 
    Stranded in the open Dried out tears of sorrow Lacking all emotion Staring down the barrel waiting for the Final gates to open … Read more
  • Laura Brehm
    Vocalist and songwriter with an EP titled Future Holds and a number of popular singles called “Fall in Love,” “The Sunrise,” “Don’t Wait” … Read more
  • Chirs Linton | Artist
    In the span of a few years Chris Linton has co-written and featured on a plethora of electronic music releases including ‘Fearless Pt. … Read more
  • Unknown Brain | Artist
    Unknown Brain is an anonymous duo who formed in November 2016. Their first release Superhero has gained more than 20 million plays on … Read more
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