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Your guide to Peace , Prosperity , and Exploration of Our Universe. May the culture , music and other arts that flow through this site manifest into our life’s the ambition to achieve and see it, the energy to conquer it, and the love and anger to rule it.

Stranded in the open
Dried out tears of sorrow
Lacking all emotion
Staring down the barrel waiting for the
Final gates to open
To a new tomorrow
Moving with the motion
Following the light that sets me free
Sets me free

– warriyo

Posted on April 18, 2022 in News Updates by deathdealer007

Comments on 'Ichoronium' (1)

  1. usafWeaponsManiac2w1 says:

    Fabs’s , Its been 15 years my dude, Love that song btw , good luck and god speed, I’m with you ride or die brother ! I’m getting my accounts sorted.

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